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Tech and Tec

On Oct. 4, MIT.nano and the Microsystems Technology Laboratories (MTL) received a visit from José Antonio Fernández Carbajal, chair of the board of Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey (ITESM), casually known as Monterrey Tec. Fernandez Carbajal was at MIT for his first meeting as the newest member of the MIT Corporation and reserved time to tour MIT.nano and get an update on its progress.

Alfonso de Angoitia named co-CEO of Televisa

The Board of Directors of Grupo Televisa, S.A.B. announced on October 26 the appointment of Bernardo Gomez and Alfonso de Angoitia as co-Chief Executive Officers of Televisa, reporting to the Board of Directors. Emilio Azcárraga Jean will continue to lead the long term strategy of the firm as Executive Chairman of the Board. 

El Ascendente Camino de Alejandra Mustakis

In the new edition of El Mercurio, ASECh president, Alejandra Mustakis, talks about her past and future. She also opens up about working in a male dominated environment. To read the full interview, click here. 

NAFTA for the digital age

In her exclusive article for Americas Quarterly, Blanca Treviño writes about why we need a "NAFTA for the digital age." She states that a "NAFTA 2.0 – indeed, any modern trade agreement – needs to cover issues that weren’t part of the original deal. That includes significant considerations in data and privacy protection, cyber-security, e-commerce, robotics, and artificial intelligence."

Inspectorio signs with Target

Target just announced that it has signed with Inspectorio to conduct quality control inspections in a new way. Inspectorio CEO, Carlos Moncayo, explains that the industry's current inspection process is "costly and requires a lot of time, [and] based on the data that we have seen, we can shorten the time by 50 percent." This new partnership will encompass more than 100 factories and nearly a quarter of Target’s apparel and accessories business.

Telemundo bids for Mexico soccer team media rights

"We look forward to leveraging the extensive expertise of NBCUniversal and Telemundo Deportes to bring the Mexican National team to a level never seen before in the U.S. Hispanic market," said Marcos Santana when asked about NBC Universal/Telemundo and América Movil's joint bid for Mexico soccer team's media rights. 

Open English Junior

Open English, the main online language school in Latin America, just announced the launch of Open English Junior, a new platform to teach English to kids ages 8-14. "Helping kids learn with a methodology like Open English Junior is an investment in their future. For Open English, this is a new way of democratizing access to high-quality education without letting go of the human element," said CEO, Andrés Moreno.

Silicon Buenos Aires

Silicon Valley has long stood as a leader in innovation and technology. However, in a 2017 Global Startup Ecosystem Report, Buenos Aires, Shanghai and Tel Aviv were at the top of the list. Entrepreneur magazine interviewed Matías Recchia as the prime example of a successful entrepreneur of the thriving startup city of Buenos Aires. In the interview Recchia spoke about the country's top tech education and friendly environment as reasons for the city's success.

The Dialogue's Honorees

The Inter-American Dialogue will honor Luis Alberto Moreno, President of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) and Roberto Murray Meza, President of Grupo AGRISAL and FUNDEMAS, at its Leadership for the Americas Awards Gala dinner. The Leadership for the Americas Awards honor individuals who have dedicated their life-long service to the Dialogue’s core mission – advancing democratic governance, social equity, and prosperity in our hemisphere.

LALA in Guatemala

Mexican dairy powerhouse Grupo Lala is investing more than $30 million in the construction of a new dairy processing plant in neighboring Guatemala. Lala chairman Eduardo Tricio Haro said the new facility will process milk, ice cream and other dairy products and create "around 3,000 jobs both direct and indirect." President Enrique Peña Nieto said Lala's investment "stood out" as an example of Mexico's plans to "promote trade and production" with Guatemala and other countries in the region.

The New Stock Market King

David Martinez is presiding over a merger that will create Argentina’s biggest public company. Telecom Argentina SA’s combination with Cablevision SA will produce a telecommunications powerhouse with a market value of $11.5 billion, according to brokerage TPCG. The top shareholder of the new company will be Martinez. The combined company will be the first in Argentina to be legally permitted to offer packages of wireless, landline, fixed internet and television services to consumers.

IDB & Real Madrid

The Inter-American Development Bank and Fundación Real Madrid presidents, Luis Alberto Moreno and Florentino Pérez, respectively, signed an agreement to create new schools in Latin America and the Caribbean. This collaboration "aims to promote initiatives in favor of youth at risk of exclusion, using sports as an instrument of development and social inclusion."  

IguanaFix in Harvard

IguanaFix, the leading platform for on-demand home and auto services in Latin America, was chosen by Harvard professors as a case study for the Scaling Tech Ventures course in Harvard Business School. On April 11, Matías Recchia, CEO and co-founder of IguanaFix, talked to the students about creating and developing the company.

Maaji and Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton is now a major investor in Colombian swimwear brand Maaji. Maaji swimwear is now sold in 54 countries and has stores in various countries of Latin America, but this new partnership will globalize the brand whilst maintaining its Colombian DNA.

Falabella leads in sustainability

Fifty-six companies in the last edition of The Sustainability Yearbook 2017 produced by RobecoSAM, the main reviewer of sustainability in corporations worldwide, hail from Chile. In this year's edition, Falabella ranked as the world leader in sustainability in its industry.

Premian a Enrique Pescarmona

The National Academy of Engineering awarded Enrique Pescarmona the "Ing. Gerardo M. Lasalle" prize for his highly important and recognized merits in industrial development. 

Best Opportunity in 25 Years

Argentina is offering investors the best opportunity in the past 25 years as President Mauricio Macri reforms the battered Latin American economy, according to real state developer Eduardo Elsztain. “We are executing the most aggressive investment program during the last 25 years because the values are still low," said Elsztain.

The Importance of Education

When thinking about Panama's future economic challenges, Stanley Motta is certain that education will play a big role. Without education, he says, there won't be a capable work force to generate or do jobs. Therefore, he proposes to change the role of the Department of Education to an authority figure.

Bolivia honors Enrique García

Bolivia's president, Evo Morales Ayma, along with vice president Álvaro García Linera awarded the Mariscal de Santa Cruz medal to CAF's former president Enrique García. This medal was given to him at the honor "Gran Collar" as recognition for his great contributions to the economy of the countries that form part of the Andean community. 

Argueta on Latin America

During this year's World Economic Forum on Latin America which took place in Buenos Aires, Marisol Argueta warned that the region should add value to its exported goods in order to neutralize commodity price cycles. "Latin America should industrialize its raw materials," she said.