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Introspección y América Latina

Just days before the 12th annual World Economic Forum (WEF) on Latin America, Marisol Argueta talked to La Nación about the region's challenges and opportunities as well as the "Fourth Industrial Revolution." She believes that the region needs to start by looking at itself and its role in today's world.

Twenty-Five Years of Service

After 25 years as president of the Development Bank of Latin America (CAF), Enrique García bid his job farewell on March, 31, 2017. During his tenure, CAF approved more than 150 billion dollars for the region and countries from the Caribbean and all across the Americas were welcomed as members. He will be succeeded by Luis Carranza Ugarte. 

Herdez' Secret

Enrique Hernández Pons has led Aires de Campo for the last four years, during which time he has increased the company's growth five fold. As a member of the fourth generation of the Hernández family he knows that turning the company into a global brand in the organic food market is not an easy task, but he is up to the challenge. 

Fortune Names the World's Greatest Leaders

Carlos Rodriguez Pastor was named among 2017 Top 50 World's Greatest Leaders by Fortune Magazine. In 2010 he launched Innova Schools, which has proved to be very successful for its students. 

Boldness in Business

Lorenzo Mendoza received the FT ArcelorMittal Boldness in Business Award in London in March. His company, Empresas Polar is the first Venezuelan company and only the second in Latin America to receive this prestigious award, which recognizes the innovation and risk that businesses endure amid an uncertain financial environment. 

Moreno on Immigration

"It doesn't matter how tall the wall is, if people feel that they don't have opportunities in their country, they will find a way to cross." This is how Luis Alberto Moreno spoke about Donald Trump's proposed wall  during the Inter-American Development Bank's 58th annual conference in Asunción, Paraguay. He then continued to speak about immigration from Latin America and the challenges that await the region. 

Dream Maker

Eduardo Elsztain believes that success is following an idea, in thinking of something and doing everything in your power to see it through. It doesn't matter if it takes a long time - perseverance and patience are key to him. In this two-part interview, Elsztain talks to PRS about his life, his career and gives advice to future generations. Click here to read the second part. 

The Revolutionary Entrepreneur

Blanca Treviño is the Mexican entrepreneur who conquered the IT world. During the First Latam Forum for Female Entrepreneurs, which took place in Santiago, she emphasized the role that women play in the economic development of their countries. Later, H.E. Rubén Beltrán, Ambassador of Mexico to Chile, recognized Blanca as one of the most successful female entrepreneurs "who has paved the way for those to come." 

Hochschild: Patron of Peruvian Art

Eduardo Hochschild, art collector and business leader, reconciles his passion for art and education by extending ties in both worlds. An exhibit in Madrid presents a selection of contemporary art creations of Peru's most international generation.

Aid for scholarship in El Salvador

Fundación Rafael Meza Ayau's president, Roberto Murray Meza gave out 96 scholarships for the 2017 school year.  Additionally, the foundation donated $65,000 to nine humanitarian organizations around the country. Murray Meza commented, "We want to be a catalyst for change in the country and aid development in these communities." 

Rethinking Latin American Integration

Enrique García is at the end of his tenure as president of CAF; however for a Latin American economist of his stature, the rise of Donald Trump and the new strategic role of China makes this a key moment to "rethink Latin America's regional integration."

Coppel on Latin American Art

Fundación Banco Santander will showcase 120 contemporary art works of 58 artists from the Isabel and Agustin Coppel Collection. This contemporary art is made in Mexico and focuses on "mestizos." During an interview with ABC, Agustin Coppel said: "It is important for the great quality of  Latin American artwork to be recognized."

A Conversation with Marcelo Claure

Bolivian business leader Marcelo Claure has been commended in the United States for his philanthropic work. Página Siete talks to him about his projects, his love for football and his advice for the upcoming generation. 

Latin America's Top Young Entrepreneurs

According to a Citi Foundation survey, Latin America has the strongest entrepreneurial culture in the world. Andrés Moreno, founder of Open English, was recently named a top Latin American entrepreneur by "Americas Quarterly."

Sprint buys part of Tidal

Sprint CEO, Marcelo Claure announced the company's acquisition of a 33% share of Tidal. The music streaming company owned by singers such as Jay Z, Beyonce and Madonna will now be available to all Sprint customers. 

Latin America must join the digital revolution

During the World Economic Forum, Luis Alberto Moreno talked to Portafolio about the upcoming challenges facing the world and the region. He emphasized the importance of joining the digital revolution because he believes that the question now is: how do we integrate the world so that technology benefits everybody?

Cinépolis increases global sales

Cinépolis general director, Alejandro Rámirez Magaña shared the remarkable growth in ticket sales in 2016 - up 19.1% worldwide, for a total of 312 million. This positions Cinpolis as the second highest grossing movie company in the world. 

An Agricultural Impulse

IESA and Asoportuguesa signed an agreement which aims to boost the managerial skills of those that work in the agricultural sector. Gustavo Roosen, president of IESA, affirmed that this project is "indispensable for Venezuela" and hopes it will increase agricultural productivity. 

IguanaFix raises $16 million

Matías Recchia, leading the on-demand service provider and home improvement marketplace IguanaFix, announces the latest round of $16 million in Series B venture funding led by Temasek, the global Singaporean investment company, with participation from Endeavor Catalyst.