The purpose of the G50 Annual Meetings is to connect our forward-thinking Latin American CEOs and bring them business intelligence beyond the bottom line. Over the years, G50 Annual Meetings have become one of the most important forums in the Western Hemisphere.

Since our first meeting in 1993, we have been honored to feature some of the world’s leading thinkers, practitioners, politicians, scientists and media leaders. Featured commentators do not adhere to a rigid lecture format but instead engage in dynamic, spontaneous conversation with the entire group. For this reason, we prefer it if our speakers do not prepare remarks or PowerPoint presentations. Given the expertise of G50 members and special guests, all participants contribute relevant and insightful experiences by taking an active role in the discussions. In order to facilitate an open and pleasant environment, discussions are always off-the-record and not for attribution. The G50 sets limits on the number of participants at these meetings, while providing a forum that is free of media and independent of commercial sponsorships.