Every year we gather for a highly interactive meeting that covers a variety of topics - from the arts to healthcare, from business strategy to the environment and from economics to geopolitics. 

Over the course of these multi-day forums, members engage in meaningful debates across a broad set of issues. These intimate, off-the-record and engaging gatherings have allowed for the growth of a dynamic network of Latin American business leaders as well as a fluid exchange of innovative and socially focused business practices which are spread throughout the region. Our meetings are always off-the-record, and throughout more than two decades, our conversations have never been made public, even though nothing we discuss is confidential or sensitive. The G50 has had the privilege of hosting some of the world's most distinguished speakers at its annual gatherings; these include former heads of state, Nobel laureates, prize-winning authors, top business executives, renowned global philanthropists, leading scientific researchers and innovators, and influential figures in the arts.