The Group of Fifty (G50) membership is composed of a select group of business leaders who head some of the most successful and dynamic enterprises in the Americas.

G50 members are:

  • Highly regarded in their home countries and internationally, and represent a wide range of sectors, political views and professional experiences.
  • Executives in positions of great responsibility, attained through individual merit in companies important to the region.
  • Individuals who are recognized for their intellectual achievements and moral integrity by important national and international media outlets, academic institutions, and prominent business forums.
  • Entrepreneurs who understand that in addition to generating profits, their business strategies must also be directed at correcting some of the social ailments and inequalities of the hemisphere. 
  • Leaders who remain committed to the development of their communities and country as a whole.

Membership in the G50 is by invitation only

Beginning with 15 founding members in 2011, the Millennium Leaders (ML50) membership is composed of a select group of outstanding Latin American professionals under the age of 40.

ML50 members are:

  • Outstanding Latin American professionals between the ages of 26 and 40.
  • Responsible for the full operation of a company or division.
  • Have a minimum of 2-6 years of senior-level management experience and proven leadership in the face of complexity and change.
  • Pioneers in the application of innovative technology, and/or sustainable business practices.
  • Will be nominated based on these qualities, as well as their independent thinking, entrepreneurial spirit and personal integrity.

Membership in the ML50 is by invitation only