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President of The Ford Foundation Takes on Inequality

Lack of money is a stubborn obstacle, but not as hopelessly unyielding as some of the others, and so would-be world-changers often set out to overcome it. Some try to raise money, but that can be depressing and futile. Others try to make money, but it’s hard to make enough. There is a third, more reliable way to overcome this obstacle, however, and that is to give away money that has already been made by somebody else, and has already been allocated to world-changing purposes. This is the way of the grant-makers of the Ford Foundation. Read More...

Walker On How to Fight Income Inequality

Darren Walker was a panelist at this year's Income Inequality Panel at the Milken Institute Global Conference in early May. Walker, President of the Ford Foundation, spoke about the challenges that low-income, African-Americans face due to "our inherently biased educational and criminal systems". When asked how to fight such inequalities, he advised that we must focus on "structures and systems".