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The Roadmap to Being a Successful Entrepreneur

Rodrigo Teijeiro gives us his six must-haves to being a successful entrepreneur: passion, business partners, talent, investors, dedication and balance. These essential characteristics are what will determine the success or failure of a project. 

Entrepreneurship and Innovation in the Amazon

Denis Minev participated in a TedX conference where he analyzed the development of the state of Rondônia. In his presentation, Denis offered data in order to challenge and make us rethink about etrepreneurship in the Amazon region. 

Nebia Featured in Business Insider Magazine

Nebia was featured in Business Insider Magazine as one of the "Best Startups that Launched in 2015". The magazine listed and describes startups that have "changed technology in 2015". About Nebia, the magazine reads: "Nebia is the shower head of the future...the shower promises to save water usage by atomizing the water under pressure, creating a larger surface area and a more mist-like feel". The startup has more than 3 million USD in funding from Kickstarter backers. 

The Power of a Collaborative Economy

Casa Co, founded by Nicolas Shea, has been working for over a year and has brought together a network of more than 100 entrepreneurs working in fifteen projects. Casa Co is a network platform that brings together and promotes collaboration between entrepreneurs that have an impact in their industries. The group is conformed by people who believe in the power of a collaborative economy to develop a business.