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Open Letter to a Girl Born Into Poverty in September 2015

I [Tony Lake] am writing to you because this month, the month of your birth, leaders from virtually every country are meeting about the shape of your future.

The 17 global goals they are committing themselves to achieving over the next 15 years — the Sustainable Development Goals — span everything from protecting the planet... to promoting a more peaceful world... to helping people everywhere live lives of dignity and security. Read More...

Motta Receives Woodrow Wilson Award

Stanely Motta received the Woodrow Wilson Award on January 28, 2016. The award is usually received by executives that demonstrate a compromise with the wellbeing of people through private entities that contribute to the local development of their respective countries. Motta received the honorable award for his lifelong efforts to protect diversity in Panamá. 

Inter-American Development Bank Assembly

The Inter-American Development Bank assembly took place during the first week of April in Nassau, Bahamas. This year the meeting discussed the regional economic situation, the impact of chlimate change and energy investment. Luis Alberto Moreno, president of the bank said in a statement "the backlog of reforms is daunting, and the short-term challenges are great, but this is not the time to hesitate , it is time to seize the initiative". The IDB report recommended countries to make the necessary fiscal adjustments soon and to re-balance public spending to productivity-boosting investments such as modernizing infrastructure. 

Entrepreneurship and Innovation in the Amazon

Denis Minev participated in a TedX conference where he analyzed the development of the state of Rondônia. In his presentation, Denis offered data in order to challenge and make us rethink about etrepreneurship in the Amazon region. 

Lachner Appointed to Board of United Way Worldwide

Luis Javier Castro Lachner has been appointed to the Board of Directors of United Way Worldwide, the largest NGO in the world. Lachner declared, "As president of AED and member of the board of directors of United Way, I will enrich the alliances between the business world, society organizations, and governments who are focused on solving the main environmental, social and economic challenges that we are facing. In that regard, I will form a collective approach that will impact and impulse common agendas and metrics in order to move the development indicators. I will also impulse the alignment of United Way's agenda with the global development agenda as decreed by the United Nations in the Sustainable Development Goals."