Ernesto Monasterio Nieme is director of Empresa de Comunicación del Oriente Ltda. In Bolivia, he is involved with private television, cattle livestock, and banking, among other business ventures. In the television industry, Ernesto has focused on strategic management of the network Unitel. In livestock, he has centered his efforts on the expansion of genetic improvements to contribute to ensuring food security. And in banking, he has aimed to support initiatives and productive endeavors to achieve higher levels of economic development. In 2015, the Chamber of Industry, Trade, Services and Tourism of Santa Cruz-Bolivia (CAINCO) awarded him the distinction of merit. Previously, he was an advisor to the Board and Director of the Latin American Telecommunications Organization (OTI, AC). He received his bachelor’s and MBA from La Escuela Superior de Administración y Dirección de Empresas de Barcelona (ESADE-Spain). He is married to Claudia Paz, and has three sons: Ernesto, Nicolas and Sebastian.