North Korea: The most dangerous country

Its tyrannic leader and nuclear weapons arsenal have the rest of the rest of the world on high alert. Efecto Naím takes a trip to North Korea, a country full of mystery and dangers.

Efecto Naím 1 May 2017

The psychological fingerprints of dictatorships

Months before the fall of the military dictatorship in Argentina, Carlos Sluzki, psychiatrist, went to a professional conference in Buenos Aires. What he told his audience made them panic without reason. In this conversation we explore the various ways in which dictatorships change the way of thinking, talking and behaving of their victims.

Efecto Naím 24 Apr 2017

How to become a populist

Around the world, politicians can follow a simple recipe to present themselves as saviors of “the people.”

The Atlantic 21 Apr 2017

Corruption in Guatemala

Claudia Escobar Mejía was a judge in Guatemala. She surprised the country when she quit her position in the high court and left an important web of corruption to the public eye. In this interview she talks about her courageous fight for judicial transparency, a fight that took her to exile.

Efecto Naím 17 Apr 2017

Hollywood and the Chinese Market

The relationship between the United States and China is complicated, but recent Hollywood movies show a different reality. Why? Aynne Kokas, author of "China’s Hollywood, Hollywood’s China", reveals how the movie industry wants to take over the Chinese market. Watch Moisés Naím interview Aynne Kokas. 

Efecto Naím 10 Apr 2017

Vaccines: Myths and Realities

Vaccines have allowed us to eradicate dangerous illnesses such as polio and smallpox. Yet despite their benefits, vaccines have been at the center of political, ethical and economic controversies. Meredith Wadman is a correspondent for the magazine Science, one of the world's most prestigious scientific publications, and in her book "The Vaccine Race" she reveals a story of global impact filled with surprises.  Watch the interview. 

Efecto Naím 3 April 2017

Introspección y América Latina

Just days before the 12th annual World Economic Forum (WEF) on Latin America, Marisol Argueta talked to La Nación about the region's challenges and opportunities as well as the "Fourth Industrial Revolution." She believes that the region needs to start by looking at itself and its role in today's world.

Twenty-Five Years of Service

After 25 years as president of the Development Bank of Latin America (CAF), Enrique García bid his job farewell on March, 31, 2017. During his tenure, CAF approved more than 150 billion dollars for the region and countries from the Caribbean and all across the Americas were welcomed as members. He will be succeeded by Luis Carranza Ugarte. 

Herdez' Secret

Enrique Hernández Pons has led Aires de Campo for the last four years, during which time he has increased the company's growth five fold. As a member of the fourth generation of the Hernández family he knows that turning the company into a global brand in the organic food market is not an easy task, but he is up to the challenge. 

Lilian Tintori talks to Moisés Naím

Lilian Tintori, once dedicated to the sports and entertainment industries, is now a powerful political figure with direct access to today's most influential leaders. She has traveled the world in search of international support to fight for the freedom of Leopoldo López and of the more than 100 political prisoners in Venezuela. Watch the interview. 

Efecto Naím 27 March 2017

Fortune Names the World's Greatest Leaders

Carlos Rodriguez Pastor was named among 2017 Top 50 World's Greatest Leaders by Fortune Magazine. In 2010 he launched Innova Schools, which has proved to be very successful for its students. 

Boldness in Business

Lorenzo Mendoza received the FT ArcelorMittal Boldness in Business Award in London in March. His company, Empresas Polar is the first Venezuelan company and only the second in Latin America to receive this prestigious award, which recognizes the innovation and risk that businesses endure amid an uncertain financial environment. 

Moreno on Immigration

"It doesn't matter how tall the wall is, if people feel that they don't have opportunities in their country, they will find a way to cross." This is how Luis Alberto Moreno spoke about Donald Trump's proposed wall  during the Inter-American Development Bank's 58th annual conference in Asunción, Paraguay. He then continued to speak about immigration from Latin America and the challenges that await the region. 

Dream Maker

Eduardo Elsztain believes that success is following an idea, in thinking of something and doing everything in your power to see it through. It doesn't matter if it takes a long time - perseverance and patience are key to him. In this two-part interview, Elsztain talks to PRS about his life, his career and gives advice to future generations. Click here to read the second part. 

White Americans are Dying

A new study shows why mortality rates are higher among whites of low socioeconomic backgrounds. 

El País, 25 March 2017

The Revolutionary Entrepreneur

Blanca Treviño is the Mexican entrepreneur who conquered the IT world. During the First Latam Forum for Female Entrepreneurs, which took place in Santiago, she emphasized the role that women play in the economic development of their countries. Later, H.E. Rubén Beltrán, Ambassador of Mexico to Chile, recognized Blanca as one of the most successful female entrepreneurs "who has paved the way for those to come." 

Hochschild: Patron of Peruvian Art

Eduardo Hochschild, art collector and business leader, reconciles his passion for art and education by extending ties in both worlds. An exhibit in Madrid presents a selection of contemporary art creations of Peru's most international generation.