Hackers and Cyber attacks

In early May, the cyber attack WannaCry left the world on high alert. How dangerous are these attacks? Tim Maurer, a cyber security expert tells Moisés Naím in this interview. Watch it here

Efecto Naím, 5 June 2017

Registration Now Open

Registration for our 24th annual meeting is now open! Don't miss out on the opportunity to reconnect with your G50 community in the magnificent city of Berlin. To register  please follow the link in the  email (Headlines & Bylines: Registration now open) sent to you in early June.  

Russian Revolution and Trump

Acclaimed public intellectual Ivan Krastev says our reading diet these days is filled with anniversaries and scandals. This year, bookstores are being invaded by an army of new books related to the centenary of the Russian Revolution. And on the scandal front, not a day seems to pass without a new disturbing, inflammatory indignity besmirching the Trump administration. Read more as Krastev explains the Russian revolution in light of Trump's administration.

The Road to Somewhere

For many on the liberal left, David Goodhart is persona non grata due to an essay he wrote for Prospect magazine in 2004 entitled "Too Diverse?" and his new book "The Road to Somewhere" will surely spark controversy as well. Jonathan Freedland reviews it for The Guardian.

Universal Basic Income, not a magic solution

Universal basic income is the idea that just won’t go away. At heart, it’s a very simple concept – every individual citizen should receive a regular payment on an unconditional basis. However, the actual structure and design varies considerably. Nonetheless, what has become clear in the last year or so is that there is growing desire across the globe to explore, debate, test, design, and build support for a universal basic income. The Royal Society for the Art's (RSA) distinguished thinker Anthony Painter considers the debate in this article. 

IguanaFix in Harvard

IguanaFix, the leading platform for on-demand home and auto services in Latin America, was chosen by Harvard professors as a case study for the Scaling Tech Ventures course in Harvard Business School. On April 11, Matías Recchia, CEO and co-founder of IguanaFix, talked to the students about creating and developing the company.

Maaji and Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton is now a major investor in Colombian swimwear brand Maaji. Maaji swimwear is now sold in 54 countries and has stores in various countries of Latin America, but this new partnership will globalize the brand whilst maintaining its Colombian DNA.

The Wages of Wage Fear

 If all else fails, try the previously unthinkable. It is not a bad principle for economic policy in the best of times. Today, it may be just what is needed: many Western countries – certainly the United States, Japan, and Germany, probably the United Kingdom, and soon much of the rest of the eurozone – should pursue direct government intervention in wage bargaining, especially for the lowest earners. Read more of Bill Emmott's article on wages. 

Falabella leads in sustainability

Fifty-six companies in the last edition of The Sustainability Yearbook 2017 produced by RobecoSAM, the main reviewer of sustainability in corporations worldwide, hail from Chile. In this year's edition, Falabella ranked as the world leader in sustainability in its industry.

Premian a Enrique Pescarmona

The National Academy of Engineering awarded Enrique Pescarmona the "Ing. Gerardo M. Lasalle" prize for his highly important and recognized merits in industrial development. 

Best Opportunity in 25 Years

Argentina is offering investors the best opportunity in the past 25 years as President Mauricio Macri reforms the battered Latin American economy, according to real state developer Eduardo Elsztain. “We are executing the most aggressive investment program during the last 25 years because the values are still low," said Elsztain.

The Importance of Education

When thinking about Panama's future economic challenges, Stanley Motta is certain that education will play a big role. Without education, he says, there won't be a capable work force to generate or do jobs. Therefore, he proposes to change the role of the Department of Education to an authority figure.

Bolivia honors Enrique García

Bolivia's president, Evo Morales Ayma, along with vice president Álvaro García Linera awarded the Mariscal de Santa Cruz medal to CAF's former president Enrique García. This medal was given to him at the honor "Gran Collar" as recognition for his great contributions to the economy of the countries that form part of the Andean community. 

Argueta on Latin America

During this year's World Economic Forum on Latin America which took place in Buenos Aires, Marisol Argueta warned that the region should add value to its exported goods in order to neutralize commodity price cycles. "Latin America should industrialize its raw materials," she said.

How do you dismantle a superpower?

The new world order will be defined by those who take over the power vacuums that the United States is leaving behind. 

El País 27 May 2017

10 Years since RCTV

Ten years have passed since the last transmission of Radio Caracas Televisión (RCTV), the legendary channel that since the 50's reached millions of Venezuelan homes. Hugo Chávez declared it "fascist" and did not renew its concession. To commemorate this black day for freedom of speech in Latin America, Moisés Naím invites a man who was at the center of the storm: Marcel Granier. Watch as Naím and Granier discuss Venezuela's past and present.

Efecto Naím 27 May 2017